The Manufactory, born in 1948 as a small artisan workshop specialized in making headscarves and hand knotted fringed shawls according to the canons of theItalian manufacturing tradition, with time has grown larger by introducing ever newer articles in the field of fashion accessories, and by amplifying its market all over the world, both through its own sales network and by producing collections for many world level designers.
In the last twenty years, the company has constantly invested money, by adding ever newer state-of-the-art machinery in its premises in Italy, in order to improve production timing and to amplify its range of products, so as to be always updated on the latest trends in fashion.
The company gives importance to saying that the collections are entirely designed and produced in our country, using high level raw materials, and it is for this reason that we are proud of keeping the Italian style, which has always been recognized as the best at a global level, and is envied by all foreign manufacturers, particularly the ones from Asia.