The production process consists mainly of three stages:

  • the study of the prototype

  • the production

  • the making up and finishing touches

The study of the prototype is managed directly by our styling office, which, by using last-generation information technology, creates on the computer the draft of the article one desires to make, in order to have a global idea of the product, and with the possibility of effecting changes in real time. In this way, the production timing of the sample is notably improved, since, once it has been approved by the styling office, it will not be retouched in the following stages.

After approval, the prototype goes on to the production stage, where our specialized staff carefully follow the process. Each worker is qualified in a specific machinery, so as to optimize production by improving timing and decreasing wastes and therefore reducing the final price.
Our production centre comprises:

  • Electronic rectilinear knitting-machines of various fineness with double needle bed

  • A double flat-bed warp knitting machine controlled by microprocessor

  • Double needle bed warp knitting machines

  • Electronic crochet knitting machines

  • Digital printing machines

Once production is finished, the product goes on to the next stage, i.e. the making up and finishing touches, which, in accordance with the Italian manufacturing tradition, are strictly handmade.
Our dressmaking is specialized in applying edges, flounces, knotted fringes, interlaced fringes and whatever else. Furthermore, we also make up more complex articles such as mantles, ponchos or shawls.

Finally, after an accurate quality control, our products are ready to be shipped to our customers all over the world.